Donnie Berkholz (spyderous) wrote,
Donnie Berkholz

LCA attendees rank Gentoo #4 distro

Everybody who went to LCA entered their distro, editor, and shell upon registration. Peter Lieverdink posted graphs of the results.

Gentoo made an excellent showing, coming in 4th after Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora. This is particularly neat because LCA attendees fit Gentoo's target audience really well: developers and power users.

Thanks to Daniel Black for the link to that graph.
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AFAICS Ubuntu and Debian sum up to ~70, Fedora and OpenSuSe to 15% and Gentoo is way below 10%. That's actually quite bad for a target audience of "developers and power users".
I'm pretty sure you're looking at a different graph than I am if you see OpenSuse above Gentoo.

What I see is:

Ubuntu ~250
Debian ~150
Fedora, Gentoo ~50
OpenSuse ~30

Deleted comment

xemacs has a pretty poor showing too. People possibly just picked the first one that looked like a reasonable match.

Additionally, I'm agreed that coming fourth with 10% isn't a particularly awesome showing considering Gentoo's venerable heritage compared to Ubuntu (started with nothing just over three years ago) and Fedora (been bleeding market share for years), especially considering that the forum is particularly conductive to source-based and current distros
There's a reason I posted this stuff on my blog instead of the main site. The survey results are a little bit funny. I suspect this is in part caused by geographical bias (Gentoo is bigger in the US and Europe). I posted it primarily because it shows that Gentoo is a "major" distribution more than for its absolute numeric values.